the starry-eyed dreamer

Love. Living with the vulnerability of giving someone access to the insides of your most delicate yet most vital organ. The heart. Opening yourself up to a world of emotion, good AND bad. A rollercoaster; a perfect blend of yellows and grays and highs and lows.
Wanting to shower this person with what little or what much you can, not for a moment holding back because they deserve it. At least you think they do. But the question is; where do you draw the line? How much will you give before this person gets comfortable in his/her “throne” of love and security, often forgetting to pull you up with them? And what happens when they do? (Okay we both know the answer to that. You eventually tire of being taken for granted etc). What happened to doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you?

Shall we conclude that the 2013 being doesn’t have the capacity (both moral and mental) to withstand love in its purest and most unrefined state; that you shouldn’t expose the depth of your emotions to your ‘significant other’ for fear that this might be your undoing-the beginning of the end?

What rubbish! Why let love be defined by what the other party can or can’t handle? It’s a choice we make and if they want to leave then let them leave. If we have to alter ourselves to fit someone else’s requirements, how is that love? Simple: it isn’t. The beauty of being unconventional and loved for it? That’s the love I want. The world can keep its “I love you but I’d love you more if…”. Don’t love me more! In fact, as a bonus, take the first instalment too. Add it to your ‘more’ and see if I’ll die.

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