Unfitness chronicles

Quick update: I have not walked to work even once since my last post. Thank you to all my friends who stopped asking me if I’d walked to work right after my first no. I do not need that kind of negativity in my life, haha, even though I asked for it. Who was i kidding? I can barely get myself out of bed in the morning; let alone get up early enough to shower, walk for all of 20-30 minutes and still be in time for work. I guess it was nice to dream though.

Anyway, all that failure aside, I can’t say I’ve completely failed at my fitness goals. I’m limping, yes, but definitely in the right direction (Yay!). An awesome guy started a fitness group on my neck of the woods for people who, like me, are not fit at all to get started on that journey. It’s a really great one hour workout that happens three times a week . I convinced myself i’d go three times a week but at most, I’ve managed to go only twice a week. I’ll admit that i fell off the wagon a bit in the last two weeks where I’ve only attended one class. But I have anxiety to blame for that. The good news is, even though I haven’t made my class in a while, I have hit my treadmill (Yes, I’m now a very proud owner) to make up for the missed classes. Baby steps.

It makes me smile how much people underestimate my level of unfitness. It’s insane, you guys! I went to a school where sports was a huge, HUGE deal. Everyone played something and was pretty good at it too! Tournaments and friendly matches were the order of the day. Me? I couldn’t be bothered. I neither watched nor played. It was all such a waste of time to me, not to mention that I was completely useless at sports. So even the times I was forced to participate (we had compulsory oral and practical PE exams twice a term), I was really really bad. Eventually, the PE teacher gave up on trying to turn me into a success story and exempted me from the class.

And that has been my fitness story all my life. But Simon is changing that narrative and I’m here for it! He’s so encouraging, I almost feel like I’m letting him down when I can’t do half the things the rest can do. But like any good teacher, there’s always a moderately easy option for the very very unfit like myself.

Here’s to fitter days, and being the best version of ourselves!

A wonderful weekend to you all!



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