Sleeping in a provoked state…

Do you sometimes go to sleep really really mad and wake up totally new and fresh, perhaps remembering later in the day that you were mad but its too late and you’ve probably already spoken to the person(s) you were ‘mad’ at? It’s annoying, isn’t it? It happens to me all the time and for the longest time, I’ve found it annoying. That is until I was at the receiving end of someone else’s anger. And not just anyone -the person I love most in the whole wide world!! Worse still, I totally deserved it! But the agonizing week I had because of it made me realize how much easier everything would be if we let things go sometimes. Its not always that serious. If it is, you wouldn’t forget it. Cut your loved ones some slack when you can. After all, didn’t a wise man once say “one good turn deserves another”?
A lovely week to you all 🙂


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