Wednesday morning grinching

Wednesday morning grinching

Today, I woke up and thought, “What a day to be alive!”

Waking up is always a process. Most times, I open my eyes and just stare, trying to decide how I feel on that day. On most mornings, it’s nothing, so I grab my to-do list from the night before and [attempt to] mentally prepare for my day.

On some days, that works. I get up and actually do stuff. Especially when I’ve eaten. Breakfast is ridiculously important to me. Do not even attempt to come near me in the morning if I haven’t eaten. Just nod and be on your way. In fact, I’d be perfectly fine if you didn’t even bother to nod.

But there are also those days when I wake up and realize that day isn’t going to happen. Mental, physical and emotional energy sometimes gang up on me and decide that we’re taking the day off. I kid you not. There was a time when I’d fight it, or try to, anyway. But these days, the most I do is try and understand how much my energy and I need the day off, and then most times, I oblige. I can’t stress how important it is to take time off for yourself in this demanding world.

So I’m having one of those mornings today. I woke up feeling nothing for the most part. The house is eerily silent (just the way I like it) and I’m holding my breath, hoping it will stay that way for a while (not very likely, considering I live with morning people). In a second or two, someone will be throwing the curtains open, another one will either turn the tv on or start talking at the top of their voice about one exciting thing or the other. It’s great, to be honest. That energy often rubs off eventually and in an hour or so, I could easily be mistaken for a morning person as well. (Who am I kidding, it’s the food. Breakfast has all the magic.)

Anyway, I’m attempting to have my best day today and I hope you are too.


Zeri xx

Resolutions and morning people.


There are two kinds of people in the world; the ones who wake up on the bright side of life every morning -you know, singing songs, opening curtains and gliding through their morning routine, and then there’s the rest of us. We have no morning routine. We wake up involuntarily; probably in a hurry, probably not having time to get anything done meaning we never have breakfast or get fancied up in the morning because there just isn’t time.

How morning people start their day...

image i start my day...

You’ve probably guessed by now that we are not morning people. Not unless morning is sometime after 1 O’Clock when we’ve had something to eat and there’s enough sunshine outside to borrow energy from. Just me?


Every single day as I rush through my mornings, I wonder what it would feel like to exist as one of the others. Where do they find the time to style their hair and wear makeup and stuff? Where do they find the time to eat and actually smile in the morning? It must be nice.

My resolution every morning as I drive past these happy faces (unlike my own) is to try and be like them starting the next day. I know that means going to bed earlier, preparing the day before and all that. But the thing is, my evening routine I.e that book I need to finish, that topic I need to read up on, all those emails I need to send, that episode I need to watch while drinking that glass of wine I’ve been looking forward to all day, that article I need to write and that conversation I need to have -all after that meal I have to cook and actually eat, not mentioning the showering et al routine just won’t let me. On most nights, I black out in the middle of one or more of these activities. And yet I have to do them to stay sane.

I need to find a way to do both! I want to be those people that sing and dance through their mornings and actually open their curtains and sit down to have their breakfast.

This is number one on my nonexistent list of resolutions for 2016.

Are you a morning person? I’d really like to know how you do it.

What are some of your resolutions for 2016?

Peace, love and blessings.


the morning after

The hardest mornings are those following a beautiful dream where everything is exactly as you wish it only to open your eyes and realise it was just a dream. You silently curse at your subconscious for poking around in your thoughts cabinet. You might even feel stupid for enjoying the un reality; for the sheepish grin on your face in those seconds before it dawns on you that it was only a dream. Everything feels like a mockery now- especially the singing birds and morning sun. “What have they to be happy about? Can’t they see you’re suffering?” You want to shout. Its one of those mornings. The ones that follow the blissful night’s escape from harsh reality. You saw your dreams, touched them… only to have them ripped away by over-zealous little miss sunshine and all her shining rays. Angry, mostly at yourself for hoping, you close the blinds and climb back into your bed certain you can’t make it through the day. Sadness is holding on with two hands -pulling with everything its got. You’re tempted to give in. Sometimes it feels good to curl up in bed and be miserable. But its only allowed SOMETIMES. Today isn’t ‘sometimes’. You remember all the times you felt like you couldn’t get through and you laugh as you reach for your morning coffee and realise that its going to be a good day.