Feelings Friday

Grey’s Anatomy is one of those shows I jumped on really really late and there’s been no looking back for me since. I binged on the first eleven seasons —watching one episode after the next every day until I was through. No other television series has gripped me (emotionally) quite as much as Grey’s has. I hope to God it never ends!

The concept of love and friendship as displayed by every single character makes me feel a certain way. That’s the sort of love; the sort of friendship that not only saves life, but gives it. Like every last one of us, the characters in Grey’s Anatomy are all dealing with something; struggling, coping, generally fighting the good fight that is life. And it’s always so nice to see that no matter what it is; no matter what happens or how difficult things get, the support system just never breaks. It makes me think of that Internet meme of an old married couple sitting on a bench. They’re clearly mad at each other but even in his anger, the man stretches out his hand to hold an umbrella over his wife’s head so she doesn’t get wet. Because even though he’s angry at her, he still loves her and cares for her wellbeing. It’s just the SWEETEST thing.

Think of what a difference it would make if we all did our best to be that unwavering pillar of love, stability and support in the lives of those we care about.

We all need some of that “no matter what” kind of love.

Resolutions and morning people.


There are two kinds of people in the world; the ones who wake up on the bright side of life every morning -you know, singing songs, opening curtains and gliding through their morning routine, and then there’s the rest of us. We have no morning routine. We wake up involuntarily; probably in a hurry, probably not having time to get anything done meaning we never have breakfast or get fancied up in the morning because there just isn’t time.

How morning people start their day...

...how i start my day...

You’ve probably guessed by now that we are not morning people. Not unless morning is sometime after 1 O’Clock when we’ve had something to eat and there’s enough sunshine outside to borrow energy from. Just me?


Every single day as I rush through my mornings, I wonder what it would feel like to exist as one of the others. Where do they find the time to style their hair and wear makeup and stuff? Where do they find the time to eat and actually smile in the morning? It must be nice.

My resolution every morning as I drive past these happy faces (unlike my own) is to try and be like them starting the next day. I know that means going to bed earlier, preparing the day before and all that. But the thing is, my evening routine I.e that book I need to finish, that topic I need to read up on, all those emails I need to send, that episode I need to watch while drinking that glass of wine I’ve been looking forward to all day, that article I need to write and that conversation I need to have -all after that meal I have to cook and actually eat, not mentioning the showering et al routine just won’t let me. On most nights, I black out in the middle of one or more of these activities. And yet I have to do them to stay sane.

I need to find a way to do both! I want to be those people that sing and dance through their mornings and actually open their curtains and sit down to have their breakfast.

This is number one on my nonexistent list of resolutions for 2016.

Are you a morning person? I’d really like to know how you do it.

What are some of your resolutions for 2016?

Peace, love and blessings.


Wine Wednesday | Old vs New.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Epicurious Diaries

We’ve all heard the saying, “Wine gets better with age.” In fact, when selecting a wine bottle in the store, most of us have been known to choose the oldest bottle we can get our hands on. After all, the older ther better, right?

Unfortunately, following this rule to the letter can be misleading. For starters, it implies that the older any wine is, the better it tastes, ad infinitum.

The reality is, however, that wine maturity has its limits. So although all wines change with age, very few actually improve (noticeably) beyond a few months. And even then, certain factors will determine whether or not aging the wine will improve your enjoyment of it.

For example, wine that does not have the intrinsic chemistry that makes it capable of aging/improving over time just won’t -no matter how long you keep it for. How you store your wine…

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Buying dreams

Hi, my name is Zerida and I buy dreams. Seriously, whatever dream you’re selling, chances are that I’ll buy it. It’s been referred to as a strength many times, but deep down I know it’s a weakness. It’s why I am where I am today. A place I really, really shouldn’t be. 

In case you’re still wondering what I mean when I say I buy dreams,I mean that  I believe in people even when everyone else has given up; even when they’ve previously given me reason not to believe. For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this theory that no one is all bad. I honestly believe that everyone, however bad, has a little good in them. And that every action, however bad, has a logical explanation. Of course sometimes that explanation is that the person is a selfish waste of time, but for some reason, I always stay around to find out. And as a result, I’ve found myself on the receiving end of shattered dreams once too many times. And yet I still believe. 

A wise man once said that fifty bad experiences with fifty different humans shouldn’t set the precedent for how you respond to the 51st person. After all, there are seven billion people in the world. What are the odds that those fifty represent the whole population? 

One day, I’m pretty sure I’ll get it right and that my belief in people and in second chances will pay off. Why can’t we all just say what we mean? If you want something (or don’t, for that matter), just say so! I mean the worst thing that could possibly happen is the other person disagreeing with you. And people don’t die from that. It beats dilly dallying and having people waste so much of their precious time.

In a perfect world, we’d all wear out stories on our foreheads so that the people we meet can ascertain in a minute or two whether they want to get to know us or not. (Yes, that’s me selling you all my dream 🙂 ) How much easier life  would be! Don’t you agree? ‎

Wine Wednesday #4 | An Open Invitation To all Wine Lovers

For all the wine lovers!!

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RosA wine

Fun Fact: Wine Makes Wednesday Fun!

Wednesday is a special day for wine lovers everywhere!! It gives us something to look forward to once a week – even when there’s nothing else to look forward to. Unfortunately, not many spots in Kampala observe wine Wednesday, which is a bit sad because the tradition really is catching on.  

So this week (and once a month), I thought we’d do something different and all be part of Wine Wednesday . Where are all the wine lovers at? Hands up if you love yourself a good bottle of vino.

I’ll be picking a wine -related theme (feel free to inbox/tweet/email me and suggest some if you want to) that we can all share in.

Our first theme: Rosé.
To participate: Visit your wine store of choice and grab yourself a bottle of any rosé of your choice. It could…

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