Mental Health Day 2016

​Sometimes people ask you how you are and you really have nothing to tell them. I mean what do you say? That they should leave you alone? Not forever but for like a while? A while which could be days, weeks or even months? Would they understand that? Would you understand that? 

What about those times when you feel like five/ten years is too far away? Not in a sense that you’re excited for time to pass and don’t want to have to wait, but in the sense that the thought of living that long terrifies you. So much so that you sometimes wonder if there’s a painless way to sign out of life. But then you remember all the people that think they love you. Never mind that you’ve been screaming for help for as long as you remember but no one has heard you. Yes, you think of them and close the window where you had typed “how to end my life painlessly”.

And so you compose yourself. You put on your best “I’m better than ever, can’t you tell?” face, and say you’re fine, pushing aside the tinge of disappointment you feel at the realization that once again, they haven’t noticed.

So many people around us are struggling. Just because people seem fine, doesn’t always mean that they are. Pay attention. Be kind. Show affection. You’ll be surprised at how many lives you might be saving with simple acts of kindness.

Happy #mentalhealthday world!

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