Wine Wednesday | Old vs New.

Happy Wine Wednesday!

Epicurious Diaries

We’ve all heard the saying, “Wine gets better with age.” In fact, when selecting a wine bottle in the store, most of us have been known to choose the oldest bottle we can get our hands on. After all, the older ther better, right?

Unfortunately, following this rule to the letter can be misleading. For starters, it implies that the older any wine is, the better it tastes, ad infinitum.

The reality is, however, that wine maturity has its limits. So although all wines change with age, very few actually improve (noticeably) beyond a few months. And even then, certain factors will determine whether or not aging the wine will improve your enjoyment of it.

For example, wine that does not have the intrinsic chemistry that makes it capable of aging/improving over time just won’t -no matter how long you keep it for. How you store your wine…

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