Wine Wednesday #4 | An Open Invitation To all Wine Lovers

For all the wine lovers!!

Epicurious Diaries

RosA wine

Fun Fact: Wine Makes Wednesday Fun!

Wednesday is a special day for wine lovers everywhere!! It gives us something to look forward to once a week – even when there’s nothing else to look forward to. Unfortunately, not many spots in Kampala observe wine Wednesday, which is a bit sad because the tradition really is catching on.  

So this week (and once a month), I thought we’d do something different and all be part of Wine Wednesday . Where are all the wine lovers at? Hands up if you love yourself a good bottle of vino.

I’ll be picking a wine -related theme (feel free to inbox/tweet/email me and suggest some if you want to) that we can all share in.

Our first theme: Rosé.
To participate: Visit your wine store of choice and grab yourself a bottle of any rosé of your choice. It could…

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