Taking Stock #1

So I’ve finally jumped onto the bandwagon (as promised). I used to love filling these ‘questionaires’ about myself when I was a teenager. Now I find them mostly tedious because nothing is ever constant when you’re twenty something. My answers would probably be completely different tomorrow, or even later in the day. Also, it kinda makes you think about things you’d really rather not. Anyway, here goes…

Making: Excuses for not doing everything I should be doing. My to-do list gets longer and longer with every passing day.

Eating: I’m thinking about eating extra dark chocolate cake… Does that count?

Drinking: Water. I’m finally learning to drink more of it J J

Reading: Master of The Game by Sidney Sheldon. It came highly recommended by someone. I’m guessing there’s a message in the bottle (teehee) so I can’t wait to get to the end. Otherwise, I’m reading everything. Seriously –novels, cook books, magazines, blogs… whatever it is, I’m reading it.

Smelling: The One red edition by Calvin Klein.

Watching: Desperate Housewives Season 5 for the gazillionth time. Those women bring so much happiness into my life!

Looking: For a muse. Going through a major creative block right now which I really really need to end like yesterday. It’s killing my vibe.

Deciding: On which direction to take. I’ve been presented with some really fantastic opportunities in the last few weeks but I have to make some big girl decisions if I’m to take them up.

Listening Dancing: To “Amarula”. I love that song!!!Gets me dancing every time it plays.

Liking: How far I’ve come J I have a really good life. I must remember to be more thankful for it.

Wanting: To take advantage of that weekend special at Mweya, Paraa and Chobe lodges before it ends. Who wants to go?

Wishing: That I didn’t always speak with my heart on my tongue. God knows how many times I have to nurse puncture wounds from my honesty.

Wondering: What life will be like ten years from now.

Marveling: At how lucky I am! Things are always working out for me. My God’s really really got me. There’s no doubt about that.

Loving: How liberating it is to just do you! Everything really is better when you stop apologizing for who you are.

Hoping: I can do everything I set out to accomplish this year before the end of the year, So far, so good though.

Following:  Ari Eastman. We’re kindred spirits, she and I. I can’t get over how well she articulates my thoughts, feelings and experiences. It’s almost as if she lives in my head.

Noticing: That I’m spending more and more time reading and less time interacting. I read somewhere that life could be passing me by… I’m not sure I care enough to put the books/gadgets down though. Not yet, anyway.

Knowing: That things aren’t always what they seem. There’s always so much more than what meets the eye.

Thinking: About things I really should not be thinking about.

Wishing: I could hear the things people don’t say. Many of my friends are going through things they won’t talk about and I really really wish I knew how to help them. It makes me sad that I can’t do much.

Feeling: Thankful. Determined. Inspired. Still suffering from writers block, though. But it’s a good day to be alive.


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