Meet Matt, the love of my life! We met a few years ago, two happy teenagers that clicked almost immediately 🙂 We havent been apart for more than a month since we first met and it’s safe to say we’ve been through pretty much everyrhing that matters together! Absolutely everything! There are no filters or fears of not being understood or judged. Matt is acceptance…and love and friendship and understanding and support. I could start a story from the middle and he’ll get it because he knows me. He’s seen me when i didn’t want anyone else to, and loved me anyway. This man right here is my very own box of everything good. Who else badges into my flat at 5am on a Monday morning, exclaiming at how much i look like death with a big fat smile on his face and absolutely no malice in his voice?
So life just ripped my man-of-honor away from me and threw him on the other end of the world… IVY LEAGUE, BABY!!! I can’t be happier for him if i tried… but at the same time, my world feels a little bit emptier than it did this morning 😦

My flag is flying at halfmast this week in honor of my brilliant friend who’s off to bigger, better things!

Forward and upwards, my friend!



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