Growing up

I remember when women’s day was such a big deal to me! It’s been my favourite holiday since i turned eighteen and officially crossed that line between girl and woman. We get to be celebrated by the men in our lives… What’s not to love?
There was a time when i took it personally when certain people did not recognize the day and pay special attention to me. And needless to say, for the last several years, the men in my life have treated me to all kinds of things in celebration of my being female.
Yet try as i may, i completely failed to care this year. I suppose (to some extent) this had something to do with expectations (or lack there of). You see, growing up comes with the acceptance that some expectations are unrealistic, leaving you with two choices; either to expect anyway and [most probably] be disappointed or not to expect at all. You can guess where i lay this year.

Its too bad we do not get to try this again in August as Uganda only celebrates this holiday once. Bettet luck next year, perhaps?

That being said, a very happy women’s day to the wonderful women who make life worth living. You know who you areeee!!!


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