Stolen tears…

I was faced with a [somewhat] difficult situation earlier today… i was reading this really beautiful book in the middle of a graduation ceremony and got to a really sad, really touching part that i could totally relate to. It’s so beautiful how a complete stranger can pen your feelings so well that you could almost swear she was a fly on the wall when it was happening to you.

So there I am with swollen tearducts and [already] dripping nose, looking up at the ceiling and blinking frantically in an effort to make the tears go away because I wasn’t about to be that girl who [shamelessly] breaks down amidst hundreds of thousands of people.

I judge that girl. But i envy that girl. Do you know how much  courage it takes to break down in public? Or how many effs you have to throw to the wind just to be able to have a good cry while hundred of eyes look on with their speculations on why it is you’re crying? I’ve always wanted to be that girl… the one who’ll cry when her system says cry irrespective of where she is or who is watching. I admire that girl. I envy her courage. And when i grow up, I want to be just like her!

The crowd stole my tears today… i cried on the inside and kinda sorta got my release… but it would have been so much better if  i’d let those tears roll till the well dried up…

Yes, I’m that girl who loves to walk in the rain because no one can see you crying…

But one day, I’d really really like to cry on the street.


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