Open letter to the friend that got too busy

I can’t stand passive aggressive people. And yet I’m almost the queen of passive aggression (not that it makes it any less annoying).
I realized recently that the reason I have this blog in the first place (besides the fact that I love to write) is to talk about things I normally wouldn’t talk about. There’s almost no time for proper conversation anymore! Or do we just not care enough to make the time?

This is a rant; an open letter to all those friends who take and take but never give. You know, those ones who’re never supportive of anything you do that doesn’t involve them. They’ll share everything everyone else is involved in, volunteer to help etc. But the moment you’re involved in something, they’re suddenly too busy or too unavailable to be even a little supportive. What’s that about? It’s okay once or twice -we all get a little busy sometimes… but when it’s a pattern, one can’t help but wonder what the friend in question is trying to communicate, albeit subliminally.

Dear friend, I’m growing continually tired of being there for you, listening to everything you have to say whenever you want to say it, encouraging you, advising you, accompanying you wherever you want to go among other things when it obviously has not occurred to you that I need the same things you do.

I love you and I love being your  there for you and all but I want you to be there for me too. There really is no justification for your actions considering you’re neither the first nor last busy person in the world. We’re all busy. We just don’t use it as an excuse to get away with not treating our friends as we should.

I need you. And I’m fighting the urge to be a bad friend and mirror your actions. But two wrongs have never made it right. I’m really just hurt. And tired!

Dear friend, when you see this, I want you to know that I wrote this because I won’t have another one of those awkward conversations where you go on about how busy you are and how unreasonable I’m being or how I don’t understand because my job seems easy.

If it means something to you, you’ll find the time to be a good friend. Just please keep the excuses. I’ve honestly run out of space for them (emotional and otherwise).



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