There really is nothing in the world more annoying than losing your voice. One can only imagine the kind of stress associated with having something to say and not being  able to express it in a way that will make sense to someone else. Writer’s block feels a bit like this for me…

My words, thoughts and feelings are all tied up into a knot. My inner voice is mute and as a result, I can’t write. I hate when I can’t write because writing is therapeutic. It has a healing power only writers can relate to and I need some of that power in my life right now.

I’ve lived my twenty-something years making my own decisions. Sure there’s always someone waiting around the corner with an opinion but that has never affected me because in the end, I do what I feel is right for me. Yet here I am suddenly faced with two million opinions being thrown my way and I feel like I want to scream. Scratch that, I NEED to scream. Social politics is so frustrating.

I’ve heard people say weddings were stressing… It was hard to imagine why. But I think I know now. “Our marriage, their wedding,” they say… “The wedding isn’t just yours, it’s for the family.” So everyone’s opinion is valid –apparently. But I did not get that memo. As far as I know, it’s our marriage and OUR wedding. And anyone who doesn’t like it can go have their own wedding.

So yes, this means we are no longer taking opinions.

Thank you.


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