Nobody Likes You When You’re 23 and Professional

East Coast Girl In A PR World

This morning I logged into Facebook to find an article titled “Nobody Likes You When You’re 23” and I immediately thought of the nine million struggles I have when it comes to being 23. Here I was so excited because I thought someone FINALLY gets it.

I started to read the article and I immediately became annoyed. No one gets it. Someone HAS to relate to the most annoying age to date. This isn’t right.

As a result of my frustration, I decided to write my own reasons of why it sucks to be 23 and a young professional.

Here are the reasons this article says why being 23 sucks:

  • You’re too “graduated” for your college friends.
  • You’re not “career” enough for your older friends.
  • Single at 23 is just awkward.
  • No one will hire you.
  • Your parents love you, but they are starting to get tired of…

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