Hello October!

October has has been one of my favorite months for as long as i can remember. For starters, my best friend Elizabeth was born in October… so there’s always a promise of good cake every October (lol). And to add on to that, it’s a month that’s always (for some reason) carried a lot of promise of the good things ahead (read: the holidays). Having lived abroad for the last four years, October was always that much-needed reminder that the holidays were right around the corner. But being back home brings a whole new [somewhat dull] meaning to October. Come to think of it, I didn’t even sing that “wake me up when September ends” song at all this year.

I’m super excited about the year coming to an end, though. I can’t say I’ve particularly liked this year. It’s generally been so full of changes… the kind every twenty-something has to go through when they make that transition from university to life *sigh!* I hate change. But hey! I came out alive! That’s something to celebrate, right? It’s not even half as bad as I thought. Of course I feel the urge to up and bolt back to my student days every now and then… but that’s normal, yes?

On the plus side, thanks to 2014, I’m the proud owner of a wonderful little Montessori pre-school. It’s amazing to see the methods Maria Montessori spoke so proudly about a century ago reflected in these littleUgandan children! It’s the sort of thing you have to see to believe. I look back on the last 10 months and how far my little ones have progressed thus far with satisfaction and immense pride in my children and myself for a job very well done!  Choosing to teach and change the world one child at a time was definitely the best decision of my life!

Onward and upward… tomorrow…and the day after that…and the day after that!Kampala-20140303-02222

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