Sky lantern…

A wise man once likened resentment to holding burning coal in the palm of your hand, hoping that the other party gets burnt. Sounds silly when put like that, doesn’t it? I’d say this goes not only for resentment but also for all those things we hold on to that make today that much harder… The stuff that has us looking over our shoulders as we go on; missing the flowers and butterflies and the occasional potholes. Everyone who knows me knows I’m the queen of holding on (to things and people and memories and whatever else I can). I don’t let go without a fight. But the truth is, some battles aren’t worth fighting. And some things/people are better left in the past. I mean granted, we can’t quite choose who we meet or what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond to it. It’s taken me long enough! So there goes my lantern… And along with it every crippling thought and memory and futile hope of yesteryear.


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