Midnight musings…

And she’s back with a bang… My old friend, insomnia. I can’t remember the last time I was up this late counting sheep with absolutely no trace of sleep. I suppose I’m anxious about something even though I can’t quite put a finger on it yet. I used to love this time; after midnight when everyone has gone to sleep and it’s finally silent enough for thinking, or writing or meditating or whatever else better done in the peace and serenity of after-dark. The fear of the future is real guys! Okay, it’s more the unknown than the future, really. But the fear is real. And no matter how often things sort themselves out as we go along, the fear of what might happen next never ceases. That question “what if something goes wrong?” still lingers… Or is that just me? In a perfect world, I’d have control over all the outcomes that affect me.

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