Til’ forever do us part…

I was thinking about friendship the other day; those bonds we built when we were younger. To be specific, I thought about my best friend and that day twelve-ish years ago when we decided that we would be best friends forever. And it got me thinking about our journey; twelve long years of  teenage-hood, then adulthood, long distance, all kinds of new friends, the occasional differences…coupled with laughs and hard days when we supported and listened to each other. It’s taken work sometimes; conscious effort to overcome some of those seemingly big things that have threatened to tear us apart. But it’s always come back to that commitment we made to each other all those years ago. We said forever, and we’re not even halfway there yet. Sometimes that’s what it takes… a slap across the face that reminds you that “hey, is it really that serious?” And we pick ourselves up and move past whatever it is.

I’d never really considered the fact that friendship, like any other relationship, takes work. You work on yourself, whether consciously or otherwise, to keep from being selfish, to be a better friend, to be more supportive, to listen more etc. You do nice things for no reason other than the fact that you love this person. It’s a beautiful thing, this friendship.  And if anything is to work out -ever, this is where it all begins. So don’t take people for granted. Be your best, do your best. It’s easy to forget this sometimes, particularly when things aren’t going so well for us. But a little effort never killed anyone. 🙂




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