I can relate to this all too well.


She sat by the window, watching the sun set, turning the sky a golden hue, then a blood red, then faintly, the stars blinked awake from their slumber. Change is good, she thought. Change is essential. Change is necessary. Change sucks. Why can’t I change this? What the hell did I get myself into? How could I have been so stupid? Why didn’t I think further about it? Thought after thought, her mind raced. She looked around her…the house she so lovingly decorated and made a home, a symbol of comfort and safety, now her own personal hell. The stark white walls reminiscent of a mental institution, the pristine white marble floor reminiscent of a hospital OR. All dreary and gloomy, reeking of death and despair.

In her palm, the one item she held on to that gave her hope for the future. A ray of light. The only other…

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