These *****s ain’t loyal…

I heard an interesting discussion on the radio earlier that was basically calling to question the loyalty or lack thereof of two bestfriends. And it got me thinking about one of my oldest friends. I’ve known this girl for more than a decade. So needless to say, we’ve seen quite a lot together. You see the thing with friendship is that you see even the not-so-nice things about your friends but choose to love them anyway. A lot of people will call that stupid. Especially when the area in which the said friend lacks is loyalty. My friend is not loyal (and this has nothing to do with that Chris Brown song we’re all going crazy about.) She simply doesn’t take sides. That means that in a situation where she’d have to choose between you and let’s say your worst enemy, she wouldn’t pick you. That’s not to say she’d pick your worst enemy either, no, she simply wouldn’t take a side. Neutrality, they call it. All I hear is disloyal disloyal disloyal!! Of what use is a friend who you know for a fact won’t stick their head out for you? And how on earth do they expect you to be free and honest with them when they sometimes dine with the enemy? This can’t work. Perhaps I needed to write this down in order to accept in my heart of hearts that I don’t really have a friend in this friend of mine.

Why do we hold on to things we know aren’t good for us?


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