pigs. walking, talking pigs

A few days ago, someone close to me made a comment that has had me questioning so many things for almost a week now… Imagine my shock at being instructed to attend to five grown men that I had absolutely no obligation towards whatsoever simply because I was the only female present. I ignored the instruction -naturally. But that wasn’t all. It was sounded 3 more times, and then accompanied with the explanation “you’re the female with us”. Excuse me?? When did being female mean I was some sort of portable domestic worker always available to wait on the nearest males? Last time I checked, it was 2014, not 1923!!
I’ve never been for feminism. I think the gender wars are old and boring. We all have things we do best… But I think those things vary by person, by ability, by strength, by desire…not by gender. So to all you chauvinistic pigs out there who think women are there to do your dirty laundry and wait on you, please wake up in this day and age. It wasn’t right in the past and it certainly isn’t right now. I mean if you don’t want to do it, what makes you think I’m any different? Its upsetting. Infuriating, actually.

Kindly stop it.

Infuriated woman.


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