broken hearted girl

Love once made her a wonderful person… It created a glow in her eyes, a twinkle in her smile and a radiance of joy and peace and happiness. Love encompassed her being and surrounded her existence. She filled the world with the joy she radiated. Many believed because she believed and loved because she loved… And then nature set in and turned love cold… Because she didn’t know how to unlearn the details of her tainted love… The months and months of deliberate lies… The love that once made her strong and radiant now burned a whole in her heart… It scorched her insides until hope and faith went out the back door; replaced instead with pain, suspicion and mistrust… With heaviness of heart and dripping pillows. She desperately tried to hold on to what was…the girl who loved and hoped and believed like she had never been hurt; the girl who loved relentlessly; who loved because she loved… Not because she was loved.
She stares in the mirror and sad eyes stare back, wondering what happened to the girl she used to be…

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