Dear you…

this is an open letter to the woman who thought you were not good enough for her relative because you came across as “snobby/spoilt” and were not as pretty as his ex in her opinion…as if that’s basis for picking a life partner…and to the said relative who did not defend you or correct her, even though he’d been with you long enough to know better. this is for those men who deny you when you aren’t listening; who only love you in your presence. this is for those siblings who think they have a say in who their siblings end up with; as if they have to endure the relationship with the said sibling. this is for everyone who loves to bat in, and the people who let them. this is for every meddler who thinks they’re number one on the list of people you have to impress, just because you’re with someone they know;even though there is no list. this is for everyone who asks questions, like its any of their business… and for those who claim to know you so well, if only to make their slander that much more believable. this is for everyone who cant count two… because the last time i checked, that’s how many people a relationship should concern…


rant over! (for now…)

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