the rantings of a disgruntled woman

So everyone left right and centre is quoting the genius (and I used the word genius very loosely) who said that if women want to be treated like queens, they have to act like queens. But the next time I hear someone quote this said genius, I want to ask them what they mean exactly. I mean when you think about it, it’s pretty generic. Shall we conclude that in order to be treated like a gem, you need to act like royalty? (At which point, I must mention, that the behavior of royalty varies from one community to another.) So what are the said women supposed to do exactly? Wear tiara’s around, perhaps? Curtsy?

I’ve honestly had enough of this statement and I feel like it’s time people earned the right to use it. You can’t go throwing generic statements left right and centre and expect that to be the standard by which other people earn or don’t earn the respect they deserve by virtue of the fact that they are human just like you. No way!

Sorry I just had to rant!


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