as seen from out here…

Sometimes we spend so long and so much trying to keep people out. To keep them from knowing that we’re soft and normal underneath it all… Just ordinary people trying to find somewhere to belong; somebody to identify with, relate to, belong to. We know not everybody should see our buttons but we’re not sure if anybody should at all. We’ve seen what the world is capable of… The world under the guise of a friend, a lover, someone who cares… And we like to think we’re above it all; to believe we see past the deceitful lies and pretentious smiles… And we don’t even realise that in the end, we’re the ones on the outside looking in… That we’ve effected the very outcome we were trying to avoid. Yes we’re safe in our little bubble of solitude. No back-stabbing. No hypocrisy. No drama. But we’re also completely alone. And looking for belonging. Somewhere. Something. Someone.

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