“Always remain on a hello-basis with the person you used to be… They’ll be back to haunt you some day.” (Apparently a very wise man).

This quote never really made sense. That is until I was rudely awoken by news that someone I may or may not know had done something very typical of my younger self. An array of emotions went through me in those minutes after the phone call came. From admiration (because it hadn’t crossed my mind), to indifference (how is this my business?), to amusement (because the said person had done a very messy job), to irritation (why am I being dragged into this?) to sad (because it really sucks when you’re accused, albeit silently, of something you could have done but didn’t, however small it might be.) Yes as we speak, I’m seated because there’s absolutely no energy in my legs to stand. Yes my knees give way when I’m shocked or overwhelmed. I kid you not! So I think its time to change my blog name to confessions of a REAL not-teenage-drama queen.


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