lets do do do!!

I’ve been procrastinationg kicking procrastination out of my life every year since I can remember! Its almost as if I like to watch my to-do list (or more accurately; my will probably never do) grow longer and longer. Unfortunately the annoying bit about growing up when you HAVE to get things done even when it means adding at 25th, 26tha and 27th hour to your day has finally kicked in. (Okay not finally… That makes it sound like I was looking forward to it, which I wasn’t.) So as much as I enjoy chilling and watching my to-do list grow, change is upon me…in that holding-a-knife-to-my-throat kinda way. So procrastination HAS TO GO (my inner orderly just did a happy dance).

Here’s a list of things I’ve wanted to do since I set foot in CapeTown 2years ago and never gotten round to actually doing (I know, shame on me). I’ll have them all done by the end of the summer, or die trying (with pictorial evidence).

#1 Watch a production at the Baxter theatre (its about time too! )

#2 Actually get membership at the library down the road (seriously, paperwork is not really that scary, right?).

#3 Have a cold Hunters dry at Zevoli’s during the day on a bright and sunny random week day (like Monday, Sunday or Tuesday) like I have no books to read or assignments to complete (today’s tuesday, come to think of it….)

#4 Finally attend the design indaba! (No, really! I’ve been doing that since even before I came to Cape Town)

#5 Attend a carnival! (The one I went to when I first came didn’t count seeing as I arrived just in time for the AFTER party).

#6 Go to a costume party and actually wear a costume (from a costume shop!! -not something I’ve put together from my stuff.)

#7 Go to the beach. And I mean actually go to the beach

That’s all I can think of (for now) but this activity is called ’21 things so I have to think of 14 more things.

Ps. Somebody nudge me if I haven’t started posting pics by this time next week?



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