once upon a breaking heart

I wonder if people realise what it takes for someone to hold out their hearts to them? You devote months, week, days, hours, precious seconds everyday to convince this person that you’ll handle their heart… that you can take care of it and they can trust you with it. You’re encouraging and wonderful. Right until they actually hold out the said organ of mass destruction. Suddenly its frightening. A threat. A commitment you’re not sure you’re ready for. A reminder of that time not so long ago when someone ripped yours out and threw it halfway across the globe. And your words, those sweet sweet melodious sounds of love, and care and strength evaporate into nothing. Sweet nothings. A bunch of things you probably said to make yourself smile. Because when they smile, you smile. You’ve hit the target, you nearly yelp as you prance and preen. All the while, they hug their pillow as they fall asleep. Wishing you were there. I wonder if people know that people pray for them even more than they pray for themselves. That they’ve fixed their broken trust as best they can because you’ve ‘shown’ them you’re worth it… That its taken EVERYTHING to just reach out…
I wonder if people know how much it takes to trust someone with your broken heart. Coz if they did, they’d know that you’ve given them the only thing that’s really yours. And they’d value it.


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