on what drives me

“The greatest tragedy in life is not death but it is life without a purpose.” –Esteri Sekaziga.

What inspires you? It used to be passion for me, once upon a time. I was born a talker. I can go on and on for hours on end and usually I don’t even care if you’re listening. And when it comes to a topic I’m passionate about, I will get you thinking -against your will if I must. All the John Grisham books and Boston legal episodes (and Legally Blonde 1&2) later,I wanted to be a lawyer… That brilliant woman everyone wanted to hire. The power and passion of the legal fraternity inspired me! Until that semester at law school when common law broke my heart. No fancy opening statements, no out-reasoning reason… Just a sky-high list of laws you needed to know (well at least you needed to know where to find them), and a shitty salary (for a while anyway, seeing as no one hires a fresh graduate to get them off death row). It didn’t seem worth it. The law through John Grisham’s words existed only in the land of the free. And there went that dream!

Somewhere along the way, money joined the list of things that motivated me. I was going to be rich enough to buy whatever I set my eyes on. Hello advertising world! It was everything I was born to do, and I didn’t even have to try so hard. The problem was, advertising was a lifestyle. You lived it, you breathed it, you loved it. Don’t get me wrong, every second spent in the advertising world was special, to say the least… But what about loving [a significant other]? What about living [your own life]? What about having the time to do all the things you love to do? Like write (non-work-related pieces) and paint (even though you have no particular talent) and dance (without paying with fatigue) and enjoying your weekends (without worrying about an impromptu meeting or call from a client?).

My purpose in life is to make a difference. In the lives of my family, my significant other, my friends… And those people who’ve got no one to stand up for them, to look out for them. Yes I’m that girl who’ll stand up for you when you least deserve it, because I feel like everyone deserves a second chance. Or, at least, a chance to defend themselves. *Team innocent until proven guilty* I’m driven by honesty and fairness and love and greater good. No one is all bad. People have all kinds of reasons for acting the way they do. And I believe the most profound words ever spoken (besides those recorded in the scriptures) are, “Hurt people hurt people.” It goes a long way in explaining human behaviour.

Human behaviour has always fascinated me! Why people do the things they do. And I’ve finally found a way into the mind of the human being. Yay for child development/child psychology!!! There’s a reason for why we all turn out the way we do, and it all traces back to the beginning.

Really looking forward to psycho-analysing all of you!

Dancing my way through my VERY HECTIC schedule for this week. Have a pleasant week people. I hope your weeks contain only a fraction of my workload and ten times the joy!


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