the more things change…


Its 2013!!!

Do I have any resolutions this year? Nope! If there’s anything life has taught me over and over again, it’s not to make plans. That is, unless I want everything to happen but whatever it is I wanted. So the next time you wonder why I’m always so cool and collected, now you know. No expectations –that’s the secret. Well, my secret anyway. But you can always employ the bitch better known as denial. That works too. At least for a while.

I must say the year has started out pretty well (that is besides the fact that I’d attended two funerals by the 4th day of the year). I think I finally have this life thing all figured out. The important things, anyway.

Like how music (soul deep to be precise) can be a substitute for junk food and alcohol. (If you’ve heard Maureen Rutabingwa sing, you know exactly what I mean.) And how you can have the same conversation with the people you love over and over again for years and it still won’t get old. Don’t question this. My siblings and I have the same conversation every single time, year in year out. And we still laugh at the same jokes and leave feeling like the conversation just changed our lives. And no, we’re not crazy (not that we’ve been tested).  You can’t choose your relatives (unfortunately) but you can choose your family. The three magic words don’t have a place or time. And they don’t kill either.  Just mean them. And most importantly, you can find love in a hopeless place. Do I honestly believe that? Yep! The most random conversation in the oddest place at a funny hour can change your life forever. And also most importantly (because I can’t decide which is more important), rock bottom is as bad as it gets. It doesn’t sound like consolation but it should be. I mean, think about it; when you’re there, you have nothing else to fear, yes? It can’t get any worse than that (unless of course you choose to wallow in your misery for the rest of your life in which case you can only blame yourself.) And I say this with a huge smile on my face because I’ve seen rock bottom. I even left writing on the wall in bright pink ink saying “Zeri was here” and a footnote saying “Cheer up! Nothing lasts forever.”

Congrats on surviving yet another end of the world folks (for those of you that made it). At this rate, Its almost safe to assume we’re in-freaking-destructible! *high fives self*  That’s not to say you mustn’t avoid boda bodas when you can. Unless you’re Chuck Norris that is, in which case knock yourself out!




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