hearts and other perishables

Using other people because you have to be happy. As if you’re the only one who deserves to be happy. As if other people have no feelings. Nonsense! “Hurt people hurt people”, they say. But do they have to? It’s not a rite of passage, you know. We can choose to rise above it. But many a time, selfishness won’t let us. We convince ourselves that we have every right to inflict the harm that came to us on someone else. But how is that fair? How do people justify this kind of thing? The innocent certainly don’t deserve it. If you’re so angry, take it out on whichever loser hurt you in the first place. Or better yet, take up a taekwondo class and have an equally angry taekwondo club member beat the sh** out of you. Maybe then you’ll learn not to inflict pain on the innocent. Yes what goes around comes around but in its own time. There’s really no need for people to go around hurting other people because they were hurt. Whatever happened to the healthy “cry until you’re totally dehydrated and then get over it”?

This new breed of cowardice disgusts me! If you’re too hurt to exist in a functional adult relationship then do everyone a favor and stay single until you deal with your issues. Its not fair to damage someone else simply because you’re too selfish and cowardly to deal with the ghosts of your past. We all have issues for pete’s sake. Get over it!Image



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