random piece

I made love to life…
Let its firm body penetrate mine
I searched it, was consumed by its animal eyes sweeping across exotic places only known to the daring and the lost.
I carved my name into its trunk, astonished by the sound of my letters, the shape their sounds made. It drove me into the dense undergrowth of its betrayal, peeled my identity away a layer at a time.
It lied  to the centre of my dreams, toyed with my ability to sleep and walked away from me whistling- hands in its pockets.
I was a broken tree, struggling from deep roots to reach the fabled surface… Pressing on towards it, certain I would want it.
Instead, it burned my leaves with its light: soaked my wood with its shadows.
I saw heavy rains fall out of an angry sky… And silently waited for the storm to pass. It chewed the ground from under me, drew blood from me, pressed its fingers into my flesh, bled me out and left me empty… Empty and determined not to need it.
I turned my back on life, ignored its desperate bids for attention and shut the door in its insolent face.
I watched life crawl away, a dying soldier on the bloody fields of futility and i clung to the head of it, nurturing it like a beloved child.


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