Monday Blues

Its amazing what relief things as simple as thoughts of the [coming] weekend bring to the stressed soul. I was halfway down the road to my usual Monday blues (usually consisting of lamentations about the passing of the weekend that was and how far the next one is) when I realised it was actually Tuesday (Thank you National Braai day!). Did I mention that I live in a cool country? That’s right, the residents of South Africa successfully skipped Monday! The problem with long weekends, though, is the over-indulgence which often results in adverse withdrawal symptoms when ‘real life’ (read: the rest of the week) finally catches up with us. I could have sworn I was depressed. I felt like I had been dumped (and it doesn’t help that my hormones chose today of all days to wage war)! That is until I realised tomorrow was Wednesday meaning the week was basically done. I’m amazed at how quickly my mood changed. My brain nearly launched into a happy dance but the hormones were staring -hands on hips! We’d ruined their fun *insert evil laugh*
Now to join Rihanna in that chorus…

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