these hips

I LOVE BeING A WOMAN!!! All those times I’ve wished I wasn’t one aside, if given the choice, I wouldn’t be anything else. We’re a blessing. God’s little blessing to mankind.
So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that women’s day is my favorite holiday (after my birthday, of course) and in this part of the world, it comes TWICE!!! Its the one day the men in your life get to show you just how much (or how little, in a bad year) you mean to them and boy do I LOVE V.I.P treatment! Of course in recent years (two, to be precise, as I haven’t been a woman for very long), I’ve had to hold a gun to my boyfriends’, brothers and friends’ heads (memos, reminders, hints etc) to get my special treatment but oh well, I was always hopeful that ONE DAY (yes I’m a dreamer) I’d mean SO MUCH to someone that he’d give me my special women’s day without me even mentioning it. So this year, I said nothing. No more memos, guns, or hints.

And guess what? *drumroll please* THIS IS THE YEAR!!! No prompting, no hints… Hell he doesn’t even know that this is my favorite holiday.

I feel blessed. 2012 is a good year!

Happy women’s day to me 🙂


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