Time to turn the page…

Realizing you’ve outgrown your friends or vice versa is one of life’s hardest realities. A lot of the time we want to hold on to what was, hoping to revive old sparks and relive all the beautiful memories of a friendship that was. What we don’t realize, however, is that sometimes it really is time to let go. Sometimes that’s what’s best. I mean, what good is a friendship where only one of you genuinely cares about the other? Isn’t it easier; less painful to be alone than have a friend who doesn’t care about your well-being?
More still, isn’t it wiser to let go than to remain “friends” with people who bring out the worst in you? When one door closes, two others open. So if your friend can’t be your friend anymore, let them go and leave room for new friends to make a difference in your life. Don’t allow old baggage to bring you down for memories’ sake. Its not worth it- it never is. And your “friend” is no exception!


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