Musings of a fragile heart

I’m not looking for a happily-ever-after. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I wouldn’t want one. I’m just saying its not the most important thing. Its okay to dream but let’s be real. Life is not a fairy tale. A flawless human relationship is simply impossible. I mean we spend our lives with our parents and our siblings and we still don’t get along all the time. The occassional disagreement or misunderstanding is perfectly normal. So how do we expect this stranger, however “perfect” (different background, different character and all) to come into our lives and somehow figure out things about us our siblings/parents have spent a lifetime failing to fully understand? We have to admit that its a little bit too much responsibility to bestow onto one person and only sets us up for disappointment, heartache and lots on misery on our part and our mate’s. At the end of the day, we all want one thing; to be loved. Everyone, no matter how horrible, rich, gorgeous etc wants to be loved; wanted, appreciated. Its an in-built desire. That’s just the way we were created. But the real question is; how do we contribute to this mass-want? Are we ourselves loveable? The world we live in today puts so much emphasis on taking that we tend to forget to give. We all want to be loved and wanted but are we loving and wanting?

I’ve spent the past month pondering over my Mr X issue. I’m obviously in like with this guy (not that you didn’t already know that). I smile at the very memory of him *Fever by Beyonce playing in the background*. I’m still getting to know him and I don’t expect anything in return either. But as a wise woman once said, “The older you get, the more you realize how few people there are in this world that any of us has a real chance with. So if you can have such a strong connection with someone, then power to you; call it love if you want.”


Could it be?


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