Tissue? hankie?

Social networking has made such suck-ups out of humanity. Its appalling [and disgusting]. Very recently, one of the people I follow on twitter posted something rude, sexist and in bad taste and totally lost it when someone pointed it out. But isn’t that the point of social networks? To give our superfluous opinions and comments on irrelevant things just so we seem smart, funny or gain the approval of others (among other things)? Well I hate to break it to you (not! I’m loving every minute of it) but the feedback you get won’t always be positive because [thankfully] not everyone is a suck-up. There are still [few] people out there who don’t feel the need to agree with popular opinion to fit in. They don’t care how you feel about what they think. That’s why they’re their thoughts. Basically, anyone who thinks/feels differently is within their right to do so. So for God’s sake grow up and stop running to momma with tears in your eyes every time someone doesn’t agree with you. Trust me, its not a good look!
You’re welcome 🙂


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