Idea theft?

I learned an important lesson today… You can’t patent an idea. For as long as you haven’t implemented it, it can’t fully be yours. You aren’t the only creative person out there. Other people get ideas too. Its a jungle out there. People will stab you in the back at any chance they get. So think smart. Ideas in your mind won’t change the world but the ones you act on just might. So get up off your lazy butt and get to work! The world won’t wait.

That being said, I was mad as hell when I learnt of one of my friends’ little indiscretion. But then I also learnt that the idea-thief had no idea what to do with it. Their vision is messed up. And their version of my idea just sucks! *GLOAT*

Lesson learnt my people.
On to the next one!


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